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Ink Materials (color carbon and others)

[Carbon Black]
It is combined around 20% in black color ink and also used for tires.
Carbon black is the by-products on the process of coal and oil refining, and is divided into a carboniferous and oil.
The carboniferous one is made from tar which occur on the process of coke production.
The oil one is made from residual substance which occur on the refine process of ethylene and naphtha.

Carbon Black
[Soybean Fatty Acid]
It is used for ink, paint, resin, etc.

[S Ben]
It is a viscosity mineral called as bentonite. It is formed by a change of volcanic ashes and the lava which is precipitated in the bottom of the sea or lake. It expand more than 10 times of own volume when it absorbs water, and aslo it shows strong viscosity when it is mixed with a large quantity of water.
It is used as a thickener in the ink industry, and is aslo used in various industries such as engineering works, casting, cosmetics, pet, the pesticide, etc. The main ingredient is Montmorillonite, it aslo includes other minerals such as quartz, mica, feldspar, the zeolite, etc.

ベントナイト ベントナイト ベントナイト

[Soybean Fatty Acid Methyl Ester]
It is used for prevention of degradation of rubber roll.

[Rice Pitch]
It is used as a viscosity improver of the ink.

 ink  ink

Gilsonite is a product of American Gilsonite Company. It is a natural hydrocarbon resin which is produced only in United States Utah.
※For more information about Gilsonite, see the website of American Gilsonite company.
[Gilsonite 325-L, 347-L]
Gilsonite 325-L and 347-L are used for Black varnish which is used for black ink or dark paint.
It is like a black or dark brown coal, but is said to be the special hydrocarbon resin which is not coal and not crude oil.
It is indispensable for production of black ink using the carbon black, and it helps dispersibility of the carbon and fluidity of the ink.
*"L" of 325-L and 347-L means lunp.

Foundry-P is the fine powder of Gilsonite which is mainly used in the casting industry.
*"P" means pulverised.

[Rice Bran Fatty Acid]
Rice bran fatty acid is the substance which is made from the process to squeeze rice oil. It is used for soap, cosmetics, beauty product, ink industry, etc.
Rice Bran Fatty Acid

[Recycle Vegetable Oil]
It is very ecological oil which purified used vegetable oil from restaurants, school meal, food processing factory.
It is used for ink, paint, biodiesel, etc.
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